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Walk on glass
Walk on glass

Due to popular demand we now provide Well Covers / Walk on Glass that are completely see through yet strong enough to walk on, we use a combination of Laminated and Toughened glass to achieve a strength that can be safely walked, stood, or even jumped on while still maintaining it’s integrity.

We can supply a powder coated steel support frame for any shape. We will work with you to find the correct specification and provide a proof drawing for your approval prior to accepting payment. Recent customers have found this drawing can be very useful to help liaise with builders or tradesmen working on site to give them a representation of how the finished product will look and work as they make preparations for installation.

The steel support frames all come with a rubber gasket ready fitted so that when fitting the glass it only has to be lowered into place. Once in the glass requires a low modulus silicone bead putting around the edge to prevent dirt, grit and water from sitting in the rebate. We will supply the low modulus silicone as part of the steel support system. Standard silicone will attack the laminate layer and cause the glass to split around the edges.

When supplying well covers we strongly recommend having a Ritech hydrophobic coating on the underneath of the glass which helps to combat condensation build up. We would usually have an etched border around the edge of the glass which helps to obscure the steel support frame underneath and makes for a better finish.

This glass can be manufactured in circular or rectangular / square shapes.