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Neoceram cut to size stove glass

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NeoCeram has effectively been tested millions of times over around the world in all types of stoves and enclosed fireplaces since its development and introduction over 50 years’ ago as the leading product of its type. Now a most appropriate choice for the modern generations of high efficiency Ecodesign living flame stoves and enclosed heating appliances. It is a superior, special material for use wherever stability and endurance is required in high heat intensity and high temperature applications with the essential property of transparency.

Clear – Clean – Customised – Comfort

  • Heat stable, and resistant against high temperature exposure.
  • Robust resilience against thermal stresses and shock (at least 800OC) 
  • Continuous service at 700OC without change
  • Flat polished surface standard
  • Mirror coated or anti-reflective (surpressed reflection) options
  • Variety of plates and shapes style options, curved and angled designs
  • Screen printed coloured options, for customized look and style.
  • Special coating options to optimize heating performance, appearance and efficiency. 


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