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Etching refers to the technique of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. Traditionally this is done after the glass is blown or cast, although mold-etching has replaced some forms of surface etching. The removal of minute amounts of glass causes the characteristic rough surface and translucent quality of frosted glass.

We have designed:-

Bespoke panels for domestic use Decorative / commemorative mirrors

House names/number plaques

Glass awards/personalised engraved glassware

Sliding Wardrobe doors

Partition walls

Commercial corporate logos

If you would like one of our etched panes incorporating into a double glazed unit then please get in touch for an accurate price.



Simply let us know your sizes and we will create a bespoke glass panel to your requirements.

We strongly recommend adding the easy clean option as etched glass is prone to collecting dirt and greasy finger prints. The easy clean coating adds a hydrophobic polymer layer onto the glass which stops the dirt getting in and makes it very easy to keep your pane pristine.