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Casement Windows

uPVC Casement Windows are the most common design seen in the UK. This is due to having distinct advantages over traditional sash windows. The open out hinge construction means you can open the window fully. Also the hinging allows for the window sash to act like a scoop; so on a warm day if the breeze is at an acute angle to your home, you can still draw a breeze through your property.

Another advantage is the increased security of casement window. The security hooks and compression rollers are something not found on traditional windows, because they would not be able to work as the sash has to slide.

Our casement window profile is 70mm thick, the same as a standard wooden window. This allows us to replace traditonal frames easily without plaster or rendering removal.



.uPVC Casement Window Specification

  • 28mm double glazing as standard, which achieves a total window u-value of 1.4 (Energy A-Rated)

  • All opening frames are fully weather stripped, providing solid weather proofing, and are fully reinforced when required, increasing overall strength.

  • Internal Glazing means that the glass cannot be removed from the outside, increasing security.

  • Our Window profile is 70mm across and multi chambered. This makes for easy window replacement, and also minimises heat loss.



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