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Any Picture, Any Size

From A4 upwards you can have any photograph or piece of art printed into glass. They can be easily mounted onto a wall (interior or exterior) using various types of fixing and drill holes can be included if desired.

The colours are vibrant, the resolution, sharp. Durable and easy to clean, glass wall art will add style to any home: modern or traditional. All our glass is safety toughened to British/EU standards and the ceramic print is UV-stable and scratch-proof, meaning your artwork will be as vibrant as ever for 20 years.

With thousands of possible colours, 1440dpi resolution and the ability to control precisely the ink thickness, Tradeglass offers our customers unrivalled opportunities to reproduce designs of the highest order. You can even incorporate degrees of transparency for a startling effect.

Artists & Photographers

Digital Ceramic printing is the ideal medium for artists and photographers who are looking to reproduce their artworks onto a glass canvas.

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